Judy Berry is an amazing teacher and inspirational speaker! She is an experienced and proven trainer who shares wisdom and specific techniques to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals living with all stages of dementia. This is Judy's passion and the culmination of her work in designing and implementing a solid gold dementia care model that is unmatched anywhere in the country. You will love the visuals Judy presents along with her message! I was fortunate to meet Judy about four years ago at a support group at the University of Minnesota. Since that day about four years ago, my husband's life with dementia has improved dramatically. Her presentation that day was titled "A Revolution in Dementia Care," and it has changed my life and my husband's life. – Karan Kay Olson


I admire Judy Berry’s passion for quality dementia care.
Judy’s personal experience with her Mom gives her a unique perspective on dementia care.  She used her love for her Mom and her instinct that we can create a better way to care for those with dementia and proved it could be done, despite many obstacles.  We had her speak to our staff at a meeting and the staff were very impressed with her story and knowledge of dementia.
Carli Lindemann - Vice President of Housing, Knute Nelson, Alexandria

I just finished reading the article in 'More' Magazine about your journey with your mother's dementia through the establishment of Lakeview Ranch. I was so inspired by your will and fortitude to bring about a care model with 'humanity' which goes so far beyond 'warehousing' these precious people. I have not personally experienced dementia but I helped take care of a very sick, terminal father who suffered greatly, even under the care of hospice. He was a very strong-willed, alpha male type and became very combative (maybe the morphine affected his cognitive ability). It was extremely painful for me to watch him try to cope with the situation and it made me very compassionate for people facing severe health issues. I feel the world is in great shape with people like you in it! God Bless you and the people who work with you. I give to my pet charities but I will put you on the top of my list. It may not be much but I think once more people read this article, the support will start flowing in. Thank you for all you do and I think I love you!!!! - Nancy Andrews

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Judy Berry

Winner - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leaders Award