Developed by Judy Berry, The Lakeview Ranch Model of Specialized Dementia CareTM has done several research studies geard toward proactive behavorial disease management. Note: Although Judy Berry is the founder of Lakeview Ranch, as of November 2014 she is no longer involved in anyway with Lakeview Ranch operations; however, she continiues to speak about the Lakeview Ranch Model as she envisioned it when she was directly incharge with Lakeview Ranch.

Find some useful research studies bellow.

Person-Centered Care for Residents with Dementia Exhibiting Aggressive Behavior Reduces Psychiatric Hospitalizations and Behavior-Related Medications

Lakeview Ranch, Inc., a long-term residential care facility, provides a person-centered approach to caring for persons with dementia who exhibit challenging, aggressive behavior. Using many highly trained staff, this care model includes comprehensive screening and evaluation, careful management of the initial transition to the facility, daily dementia-specific activities and therapies (including animal, music, and spiritual therapy), extensive medication reviews, and ongoing monitoring of needs. Read More...

All in a Day’s Work: Staff Retention and Turnover Working with Persons with Dementia

Abstract: Staff turnover rates in nursing homes are notoriously high, with some rates topping 70- 100 percent (Castle & Engberg, 2006; Riggs & Rantz, 2001). Turnover is particularly challenging in dementia care with the added stress of managing behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) (Brodaty et al., 2003). Read More...

Dogs, Horses, and Wallabies - Oh My! Benefits and Challenges of Animal Therapy in Dementia Care

Abstract: While the use of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) in health care is not new (Johnson et al., 2002; Odendaal, 2000), its place in the care for persons with dementia is now coming to the forefront (Sellers, 2006; Williams & Jenkins, 2008). Much of the current attention comes as providers seek new ways to improve care quality. Read More...

Caring for Persons with Dementia‐Related Behaviors: A Family Perspective on an Innovative Model of Care

Abstract: Finding a place that can provide satisfactory and appropriate care for persons with significant dementia related behavioral issues (e.g., wandering, aggression, combativeness) is an on‐going challenge for families. The current study examined the impact of an innovativemodel of care on family members’levels of stress and satisfaction. Read More...

Managing Challenging Aggressive Behavior in Persons with Dementia: Cost Effectiveness of Prevention versus Treatment

Abstract: In 2005, an estimated $315.4 billion was spent worldwide on dementia care (Wimo, Winblad & Jonsson, 2007). Individuals seeking dementia care cost 3.2 times more than other older adults and are hospitalized 3.4 times more often (Alzheimer’s Association, 2007). Much of this cost stems from attempts to treat challenging aggressive behaviors with medication, psy  chiatric hospitalizations, and similar methods. Read More...

Lakeview Ranch: A New Model of Dementia Care

Abstract: While dementia producing illnesses affect approximately 5‐8% of the older population (Karasik, 2003), care quality and costs are an increasing concern. An estimated $315.4 billion was spent worldwide on dementia care in 2005 (Wimo, Winblad & Jonsson, 2007). Individuals seeking dementia care cost 3.2 times as much as other older adults and are hospitalized 3.4 times more often (Alzheimer’s Association, 2007). Read More...

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