Specialized Positive Approach Dementia Training

  • Changing the Paradigm; Seeing Dementia Differently, Dispelling Myths, Eliminating Stigma
  • Prevention vs. Treatment for Dementia Related Behavior
  • Communication in the world of Dementia; Identifying Underlying Emotional NEEDS behind the words in order to reduce Challenging Behavior.
  • Critical Importance of Attention to Non-Verbal Communication
  • Seeing the PERSON Within; Validation of Feelings & Emotions
  • Challenging Behavior-What does it mean?
  • Spirituality and Dementia; How to recognize and meet Spiritual Needs
  • Transitions are Traumatic; How Can I help?
  • Creating Purposeful & Meaningful “Individualized” Activities
  • Supportive End of Life Care for Persons with Dementia and their Families
  • Sexuality and Sexual Expression in Memory Care

Frontal Temporal Dementia (FTD) vs other Dementias; How do we know and why is it important? Variations in types of Frontal Temporal Dementia Management Training

  • Creating Valuable Staff Relationships; Eliminate Inappropriate Hierarchical Attitudes, Importance of spending time on the floor to gain insight into the REAL Issues effecting staff & Residents
  • The Value of Recognition and Reward for ALL staff
  • Creation of Appropriate Mentors, as staff support, to Assess & then address issues immediately and thoroughly.
  • Team Building in a stressful workplace. New Ideas?
  • Revisiting ALL job descriptions in dementia care; Relationships are KEY
  • Creating Career Paths for Direct Care Staff, Empowering them in order to solicit buy-in, participation and self-direction. Create a positive work atmosphere where pride and satisfaction in their work is the dominant outcome.

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Judy Berry

Winner - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leaders Award